Puppy for a Lifetime 


You must make the following purchases from Critters Exotic Pets. Customer items must be purchased for the life of the pet:  (any brand carried by Critters Exotic Pets)


  1. 6 lb+ Bag of Puppy/Dog Food

  2. 30-Day Supply of a Multivitamins

  3. Probiotic

  4. Health Supplement (skin, joint, etc)

  5. Dental Gel or Rinse Teeth Protection


This program has lifetime coverage. Customer will receive a full store credit towards the purchase of another puppy for the following reasons:

  1. Major hereditary or congenital problems that result in a loss of life

  2. Passing from old age

Products are sold in quantities that last 1-3 months. A purchase must be made at least every 3 months to qualify for the program.

Nutrition is one of the biggest components for a pet to lead a healthy life.

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