Happy Tails

All of our animals are healthy and happy! Our animals have an entire team of amazing people who care for them every day.

Bearded Dragon

Healthy and Happy

They enjoy daily specialized foods and produce, bonding time, and clean, comfortable habitats. We have enrichment programs in place to support their engagement.

We work with the United States Department of Agriculture and several of the best veterinarian practices in Texas to continuously improve and redefine our care standards.

Pet Hamster


Our animals live in climate controlled habitats, specifically made to maintain the ideal temperature range for each species. We have carefully designed habitats that far exceed the criteria from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Each animal is individually and professionally cared for daily by our wonderful team of animal caretakers.

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One of the ways we ensure our animals are happy and healthy is through our specially designed enrichment programs.

Enrichment programs take animal care beyond just meeting their physical needs by encouraging social interactions, mental stimulation, problem solving activities, and free choices in activities.


Natural Behaviors

Our enrichment program provides each of our animals opportunities to exhibit natural behaviors that help them survive such as foraging, burrowing, digging, tunneling, and chewing. 

We provide hunting enrichment with various bugs for our hedgehogs and lizards. 

Holding Our Animals

We are committed to educating each one of our customers on how to safely handle our animals. Our staff are well trained and carefully supervise animal handling during events.