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Bring your favorite scent on the road with you to freshen your commute and those endless errands or road trips with a premium fragrance. (Neutralize odors, too.) So easy, so fresh!


Key Benefits

  • Car odor exterminator
  • Enzyme-formulated spray attacks and removes pet odors
  • Sold by pet professionals
  • Eliminates odors to keep your car smelling fresh

Pet Odor Exterminator Car Hanger

  • All of these products contain natural enzymes that help to exterminate odor from the surrounding atmosphere. The enzymes absorb the odor from their surroundings into the product, then the enzymes break down the odor's compound structure, and evaporate the by-product in the form of a clean, natural gas. During the evaporation process, the gas picks up the scent of the product and releases this fragrance into your office, home or car; exterminating the odor and creating a pleasant fragrance for your enjoyment. Unlike other "odor eliminating products', these do not just mask odors but destroy them. These candles are a blend of paraffin and soy wax, and a zinc wick, which will ensure a cleaner and longer burn time. Specialty Pet Products are proud to say, ALL of their products are made in the U.S.A.